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Yvette Nicole Brown Departs Community

Brown — who has played Shirley Bennett since the 2009 launch of Community — confirms to TV Guide Magazine that she has asked to be released from her contract for personal reasons. Sony Pictures TV and executive producers Dan Harmon and Chris McKenna have honored her request.
Well. That’s that.

Lionsgate Hopes Server Logs Will Expose Expendables Leaker

Imagine if they put this much effort into making films actually worth watching…


Samsung says Note 4 screen gap manufacturing issue is a feature not a flaw

Apple’s iPhones bend when jackasses try to break them.

Samsung makes a phone that purposefully is shitty, and yet nobody bats an eye.

I’m with you Jim, what the fuck?


CDC: First Case Ebola US



Spotify has launched in Canada

I’ve been using the beta for almost two months now and it is fantastic.

Sorry Rdio.


The Bézier Game: teach yourself the pen tool

I’m terrible with the pen tool. Maybe this game will help?


Font War: Inside the Design World's $20 Million Divorce

Tobias Frere-Jones seems like someone who could hold something in for 15 years. He’s a thin, neatly dressed man, with posture reminiscent of the capital letter I. Talking about Hoefler appears to bring him pain; in describing recent events, he stares at the wall and lapses into silence. He regularly compares his relationship with Hoefler to a marriage—one in which he was betrayed.
Guys, you have to read this!
Also, when they talk of Surveyor I believe they mean Archer. Just for what it’s worth…

Bug in iOS 8's 'Reset All Settings' Option Also Erases iCloud Drive Documents

I sincerely hope someone over at Apple is being fired over all these cock-ups with iOS 8. Apparently the same manager who oversaw Maps oversaw the iOS 8.0.1 update. Surprised?

That being said, iCloud Drive has not officially launched since Yosemite is not yet out of beta, so it stands to reason there’s going to be some bugs. But this is a pretty colossal one.


Ass-hats are walking into Apple Stores and breaking demo units

Apple itself acknowledges that there are confirmed issues with new iPhones bending under some circumstances. But intentionally seeking to destroy an iPhone 6 Plus doesn’t mean it was poorly built, any more than walking into Best Buy with a baseball bat and smashing TVs doesn’t mean that the TVs should be more shatter-proof. It just means that you’re an idiot.

These people are fucking idiots. I hope Apple charges them for every single unit they purposefully break.

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My coworkers made me use Mac OS 9 for their (and your) amusement

I have fuzzy, vaguely fond memories of running the Mac version of Oregon Trail, playing with After Dark screensavers, and using SimpleText to make the computer swear, but that was never a world I truly lived in. I only began using Macs seriously after the Intel transition, when the Mac stopped being a byword for Micro$oft-hating zealotry and started to be just, you know, a computer. So why accept the assignment? It goes back to a phenomenon we looked at a few months back as part of our extensive Android history article. Technology of all kinds—computers, game consoles, software—moves forward, but it rarely progresses with any regard for preservation. It’s not possible today to pick up a phone running Android 1.0 and understand what using Android 1.0 was actually like—all that’s left is a faint, fossilized impression of the experience.
I remember growing up being so excited to get to Highschool where we got to use Windows instead of that God-awful OS 9 on the old ugly beige PowerMacs. Then OS X came along, and I couldn’t wait to abandon Windows and never look back. And I haven’t since. But this brings back many (painful) memories…