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Batman Essentials Sale!

DC has launched the one day Batman graphic novel sale, and sure enough Long Halloween is included as are fan favourites Year One, Dark Knight Returns, The Killing Joke, and Hush, meaning you can pick up digital versions of some of the greatest Batman stories ever told for $3.


Batman at 75: Celebrate Batman Day with digital sale on 750 DC titles

Good news for those with Bruce Wayne tastes but discount budgets: The celebration of Batman’s 75th anniversary continues this week with the largest digital sale ever from DC Comics.
My favourite book of all time, The Long Halloween has each issue available for only $0.99 each (not sure if the collected version is on sale or not, but it comes in around $16.99). Worth every penny.
Update: The one day graphic novel sale has launched, and sure enough Long Halloween is included as are fan favourites Year One, Dark Knight Returns, The Killing Joke, and Hush, meaning you can pick up digital versions of some of the greatest Batman stories ever told for $3.

YouTube star sued for copyright infringement over music in her videos

YouTube sensation Michelle Phan, whose beauty and style videos have earned her 6.7 million subscribers, is being sued for copyright infringement over the music in some of those clips. Ultra Records — which has been home to popular EDM acts like Kaskade, Deadmau5, and Calvin Harris — says Phan has regularly used (and profited from) music performed by its DJs without permission. Ultra hit Phan with a lawsuit last week, claiming that the YouTube star has repeatedly been told she doesn’t possess the necessary rights to use tracks like Kaskade’s “4 AM” in her videos, but apparently those warnings have fallen on deaf ears.
I’m of two minds on this one. On the one hand I think going after people who use un-licensed music in their YouTube videos is a bit silly (and yes, I am one of those people). If someone is making what essentially amounts to a home movie and happens to use a popular song, then hosts it via YouTube (since it’s the easiest method on the internet to host video) they really shouldn’t be flagged by YouTube for copyright infringement. On the other hand, if Phan is making money off her videos (which she probably is) she most certainly should be paying to license the music. That said, music licensing is such a colossal clusterfuck that an indie artist like Phan, regardless of how much she pulls in from YouTube probably wouldn’t be able to pull it off on her own. That being said, she could use some of her profits to license music from places like Premium Beat or iStock which have half-decent stock music (though obviously not as recognizable to “the kids”). But, here’s the most important wrinkle:
For his part, Kaskade is firmly in Phan’s corner and says he has no control over the legal battle.
If the artist doesn’t care, why is she being sued? This is a prime example of our broken copyright system which is supposed to protect the artist, but in fact simply protects the bean-counters. Either way, Ultra Records would be better off going after people who are posting full albums and the like.

Maniac Mansion design doc highlights a simpler, funnier era

Maniac Mansion revolutionized the point and click adventure genre and spawned a number of hits for LucasArts (then LucasFilm), like Secret of Monkey Island and direct sequel Day of the Tentacle. Given that it’s from a distant era, when all concept art was hand-drawn (as it is here), you’d be forgiven for thinking it reads like a piece of ancient video game lore. Interesting, perhaps, but a little crusty. But it isn’t.
I loved “Day of the Tentacle”. A very cool piece of gaming history.

"I've never quit anything in my life!" - Things Rob Ford Has Quit

So far only 10 items. I suspect that’ll eventually rise…


Count to ten when a plane goes down...

Just a little under 31 years ago, I played a key role in a conspiracy theory that grew up around a passenger plane downed by a Russian missile. Trust me, I did not mean to be involved.
A must read!

Hello, Simpsons World. Goodbye, the Rest of Your Life.

Simpsons World, to be exact: the digital platform, unveiled for TV reporters in Los Angeles yesterday, that FXX network will use to take maximum advantage of acquiring the entire 25-season run of The Simpsons. Accessible on the web and through apps (you also need service from a participating cable provider), it will allow you to watch any Simpsons episode you want, any time.
(Emphasis mine) I’d say it’s about fucking time but you’ll notice you need a cable provider meaning while this is a step in the right direction, it’s not far enough. I always wished “The Simpsons” had something similar to South Park Studios (though, SPS recently transitioned to Hulu, so it’s now a mere shadow of itself). As someone who loves referencing his favourite tv shows I always thought content creators were missing out on a great opportunity to allow me to share these references. A while back I had the idea for a site that would allow you to “quote” your favourite show; grab a 5-10 second clip of your favourite line and post it to Twitter or Facebook. When your friends clicked through they’d hear the funny line, which would remind them of the funny episode and low and behold there was a link to watch the whole thing for 99 cents (or better yet, free with adverts). Creators could be leveraging our pop-culture references into literal cash. Think of how much money they’d make!? Instead I have to rely on crappy YouTube clips, 90% of which get pulled by Fox because they still have their heads up their asses and think it’s 1992.

Ampersand by Korb & Susi Sie

Damn. Simple. Elegant. Impactful.



Blue Note Desktops

Someone has taken a collection of classic Blue Note jazz LP covers and turned them into stunning desktop wallpapers.


My 14-Hour Search for the End of TGI Friday's Endless Appetizers

The day after “Endless Appetizers” was announced, I went to TGI Friday’s in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Sheepshead Bay. I wanted to challenge the hubris of a company co-opting the infinite for a marketing gimmick. I wanted to demand accountability from copywriters. I wanted to call their bluff and eat appetizers until they kicked me out, to seek the limit of this supposedly limitless publicity stunt. I soon learned the limit does not exist.
I felt sick just reading this…