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Beatles remastering team answer your vinyl mono box questions

Guys, this box set sounds incredible!


Facebook’s “real name” policy isn’t just discriminatory, it’s dangerous

To Facebook’s credit, a “real name” policy can help to reduce trolling and cyberbullying, since users are often disinhibited when protected by a veil of perceived anonymity. However, as Google noted in July, after reversing its three-year name policy on Google , such a policy can lead to “unnecessarily difficult experiences” for some users.

I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, just use your real name. On the other, why doesn’t Facebook allow for “Pseudonyms” do be added for people like performers, writers (with pen names), etc.

I’ve never been fond of the “use a fake name so employers don’t find me”, because the simpler approach is “don’t post shit on Facebook you wouldn’t want your employer to see” (though I’m actually far more of a proponent of “don’t be an employer who stalks employees on Facebook because it’s creepy”), not to mention you can always lock your profile down. But there are some valid arguments to be made.


The Laze's contemporary score to Lon Chaney's PHANTOM OF THE OPERA

I’ve long been a fan of contemporary scores to classic films (see Man with a Movie Camera).

On a recent trip to my local record shop I saw a copy of this and decided to check it out on Spotify. Pretty cool stuff. I just wish I had more info on how to sync it to the film.


Austin Mann takes the new iPhones to Iceland

Needless to say the results are stunning.


10 Films That Can Teach You Everything You Need To Know About Film Editing

If I could edit half as well as the editing in these films I’d be happy.

Ironically, the first time I saw Quantum of Solace I criticized it for its frenetic editing. However, I’ve come to love its unique style and pacing. It’s unlike any other Bond film, and that’s sometimes a good thing.


Apple on iCloud Privacy and Encryption

So much of your digital life now lives in the cloud. And we’re committed to making that experience secure and simple to use. Unlike our competitors, we never scan any of your iCloud data for advertising. All your iCloud content is encrypted in transit and, in most cases, when stored (see below). If we use third-party vendors to store your data, we encrypt it and never give them the keys. Apple retains the encryption keys in our own data centers, so you can back up, sync, and share your iCloud data.

Some might ask “how then did the celebrity photos leak”? When you read the bullet points of what iCloud data is encrypted Photos is clearly listed as one of the items. As is Backup. Whether or not this is a new change I’m not sure. But my guess is that a lot of changes were made in the last couple weeks.


Cell Phone Savings Calculator

While it’s designed for US residents you can pretty easily dial in the numbers to accomodate.

In case you were wondering, I’m saving $323 by buying an iPhone direct, unlocked from Apple than upgrading through Rogers; mostly because I will have to change my plan and pay $125 a month, if not more, rather than the $90 I’m paying right now (which is still utterly outrageous).


Gruber's Initial Thoughts and Observations on the Apple Watch

When the prices of the steel and (especially) gold Apple Watches are announced, I expect the tech press to have the biggest collective shit fit in the history of Apple-versus-the-standard-tech-industry shit fits. The utilitarian mindset that asks “Why would anyone waste money on a gold watch?” isn’t going to be able to come to grips with what Apple is doing here. They’re going to say that Jony Ive and Tim Cook have lost their minds. They’re going to wear out their keyboards typing “This never would have happened if Steve Jobs were alive.” They’re going to predict utter and humiliating failure. In short, they’re going to mistake Apple for Vertu.

And then people will line up around the block at Apple Stores around the world to buy them. I think Apple Watch prices are going to be shockingly high — gasp-inducingly, get-me-to-the-fainting-couch high — from the perspective of the tech industry. But at the same time, there is room for them to be disruptively low from the perspective of the traditional watch and jewelry world. There’s a massive pricing umbrella in the luxury watch world, and Apple is aiming to take advantage of it.

I won’t lie… I’d probably be one of those people. I mean, if I could afford to be.


The Infamous Cat Hair Puzzle

For those who are unaware…

I played this game with a walkthrough so probably didn’t bat an eye at this. Now, “Le Serpent Rouge” puzzle? That was insane.


"This is Infamous" interviews Gabriel Knight designer/creator Jane Jensen

Can’t wait for this to come out!