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The ’80s Videogames That Built Castles From Words—And Changed My Life

Adventure games taught me to interact with the world through words and cleverness rather than bullets, to look at new worlds through the eyes of an explorer—or even a writer—rather than the barrel of a gun. They made language and creativity feel like a secret code with the power to unlock the world, transform it, or even save it. They made me believe that words were magic, and I still do.
I sure hope this Sierra revival works out!

Apple has held three previous events at Flint Center

The first event was when Steve Jobs introduced the original Mac in 1984—certainly a seminal event for Apple and the computing world in general. Apple held its annual shareholders meeting at the Flint Center, which is where the Mac was first shown—if those shareholders could have foreseen where Apple would be today. The last event Apple held at the Flint Center was the launch of the Bondi Blue iMac in 1998, shortly after Jobs came back to Apple. The iMac was the first device that Jobs introduced, turning the company’s fortunes around. In October 1999, Jobs introduced the iMac SE at the Flint Center, which is the last time Apple used the venue for an event.
So, in other words, big, important, new products in the history of Apple.

Apple announces special event for Sept. 9

Well, it’s official.


Master & Dynamic Brand Film

Some of the most beautiful photography and sound design I’ve seen in an advert in sometime.

Truly beautiful stuff.


One more reason to not use Uber

But one Uber contractor The Verge spoke with said Lyft’s complaint had merit. “What’s simply untrue is that not only does Uber know about this, they’re actively encouraging these actions day-to-day and, in doing so, are flat-out lying both to their customers, the media, and their investors,” the contractor said. Until now, the canceled Lyft rides have been understood as a kind of prank call designed to keep competitors’ drivers off the road. But interviews and internal documents suggest another reason: Uber’s recruitment program has vastly increased in size and sophistication, and recruiters cancel rides in part to avoid detection by Lyft.

Gruber said “Great service, dirtbag tactics”. That may be true, but there’s a better alternative: Hailo. I’ve yet to read any articles about Hailo acting like scumbags, and they’re actually a licensed taxi operator in Toronto, thereby following all the laws and regulations in the city. It’s stories like this that affirm my decision to never use Uber.


Did Tony die at the end of The Sopranos?: David Chase finally answers the question he wants fans to stop asking

I had been talking with Chase for a few years when I finally asked him whether Tony was dead. We were in a tiny coffee shop, when, in the middle of a low-key chat about a writing problem I was having, I popped the question. Chase startled me by turning toward me and saying with sudden, explosive anger, “Why are we talking about this?” I answered, “I’m just curious.” And then, for whatever reason, he told me. And I will tell you. So keep reading.

My best friend Bill and I literally spent a week and a half trying to sort this out. We watched that <a href=””>damn final scene</a> over and over again and came away with no real answers. Finally, some closure.


Editing the Tour de France on Final Cut Pro X

There are too many highlights in this article to quote them all, so I won’t even bother.

Simply put; if you are an editor this article is a must read. For those using FCP X already it will re-affirm you’ve made the right decision. For those skeptical it will perhaps make you realize that you’re being a “stupid-head” and to actually sit down and try it. It’s a lot more powerful than just iMovie Pro.

I will leave you with this:

The key to editing a sports programme that is aired on the same day is knowing what you can do in the time available. With a fixed TX time of 1900 every night, your part (or parts!) have to be there, you cannot transmit black. You haven’t got the luxury of coming back the next day and having another crack at solving a problem. Not many editors can work under such stress. Very often we would be editing the end of part four whilst part three was on air. On one day we were actually editing the end of part four whilst the beginning of part 4 was on air! You have one chance to get it right and for that you need speed and confidence in your edit system.

FCPX provided both.


Two Countries, Two Vastly Different Phone Bills

So why the $41.50-a-month difference in price? Several factors are involved, but an important one is regulatory policy. Britain has forced companies to lease their networks to competitors at cost. The United States has not, allowing a formidable barrier against competitors.

Hey America, quit your bitching. Try living in Canada for a few months and see how much you like your cell phone bill then.


Burger King to acquire Tim Hortons?

People will decry the end of a Canadian franchise and brand. But wait, doesn’t Wendy’s already own it?

Wendy’s burgers are way better than Burger King’s… (can you tell I’m really indifferent to this)


Unboxing The Beatles mono vinyl boxset

It’s almost here; the long awaited Beatles in Mono Vinyl Boxset will be released September 9th, and “Superdeluxedition” has an unboxing video that is sure to make any Beatles fan squeal with delight.

For those unaware the stereo versions of these albums weren’t overseen by the band and we’re mostly created to cash in on the stereo craze. Therefore it is argued that the mono versions of the albums (which is everything up until The White Album) are the way they were meant to be heard.

The engineers at Abbey Road weren’t messing around when they created this set, and they have been working since <a href=””>2009</a>. And while I’m no die-hard fan (therefor the boxset being a bit much for me) I’m sure to pick up some of my favourite individual albums up when I get the chance.

Not sure if this is a limited edition like the CD issue but needless to say if it is these will fetch a pretty penny down the road so if you’re at all interested get ‘em when they’re fresh.

Pre-order here.